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How We Got Our Start

Brandon, the owner of Northern Strength Fitness in Tisdale, grew up the small town of Big River, SK. Growing up he was very active doing all kinds of sports, along with a lot of activities outdoors. His family was always involved with volunteer work that brought a community together and made it stronger. This stuck with him and he wanted to do the same to his community and show that any size of community can thrive if you've got drive and support. After taking part in several obstacle course in cities like Calgary, he thought why can't we have one closer to home. This is when the Northern Race was born. We look forward to having you participate in this annual event.


Hear the story of Northern Strength Fitness and why we do what we do. Brandon talks about growing up in a smaller community and believing in getting active to help you and your community grow through life. Also on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Pods and other platforms.

Listen to some stories from runners from around Saskatchewan in our Podcast!

If you're unsure, then these are worth a listen.



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The Northern Race is a Canadian Themed Obstacle 5km race, with multiple obstacles to challenge yourself with. Here is a list of what to expect at The Northerner Race in Tisdale!


  • We have several obstacles that you will have to navigate through and pass or face the obstacle penalty.

  • Runners can work alone or with others during the race. In Canadian fashion, we encourage hard work and friendliness.

  • This race in and individual timed event, but you can come and complete as a group/team.

  • You must be 13 years of age or older to race the main course (FREE kids course for those younger)

  • There will be a water station you will pass 2 times.

  • We will have food and beer gardens on site. Each racer will get a free drink token to use after the race.

  • We encourage racers to come early to check in at the concession and to warm-up before the race.

  • Shoes and clothes will get muddy/wet, so consider bringing back-ups.

  • This race will go rain or shine!



- Always be safe and have fun!

- Show respect and sportsmanship on and off the course at all time.

- Stay on gravel race path as much as possible, except to pass or when going towards obstacle.

- We encourage you to try all obstacles, if you fail an obstacle, you must complete 30 Jumping Jacks OR 10 Burpees (non-push-up) before moving on in the race.

- Because this a Canadian Themed Race, you must say “sorry” every time you pass someone (just kidding).

- Obstacles may get backed up a little. This is common in races like this. Wait your turn and you can even help each other out in true friendly Canadian fashion! 😊


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Forest Trail


Kinsmen & Kinette Park - Tisdale, SK.

When driving to the race, you may be curious about where it's at, how to get there and where to park. The park is located along side The Doghide River, in Tisdale Sask. The area we will be using have some awesome trails, baseball fields, wildlife ponds, playground equipment, a concession, washrooms, spectator sections and more.

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Come check us out in Tisdale / North East Sask

Drive up the day of the race if you'd like OR better yet, make a weekend of it!

- Check out the Lions Campgrounds right beside the event.

- Discounts on golf for those who register for the weekend (also right by the event/campgrounds).

Several lakes and campgrounds near town, for a quick drive in.

- Multiple Hotels including the Canlta, Tisdale Hotel as well as The Park Motel.

- Free drop in for racers at Northern Strength Fitness during the weekend event.

- Lots of local options for sit down and take out food.

- Kids parks and dog parks located in town.

-Beer gardens and food will be available on race day!


Forest Trail


We couldn't do it without your help.

Help us make this a success with aiding us in these areas:

Pre-building structures

Setting up the course

Serving food/drinks

Race marshals

Kids course helpers

Helping with take down

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Want to get your business / organization involved?

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If you're interested in being a part of this amazing community building health event, let us know. We have several sponsorship packages available, each with their own perks. These perks include free race tickets to give out as you see fit, as well as advertising for your brand. We'd be happy to send you our Northerner Race Sponsorship Package. Just give us a message and we will be in touch soon.

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